Decorate a Kitchen Wall With Framed Cork Board

If you have a lot of appointments and schedules to keep up with throughout the week, you can benefit from using a cork board to help organize your days. Placing the cork board in a highly visible location, such as the kitchen, will help you to use it more often. Instead of using a basic cork board from an office supply store, make your own beautifully framed cork board using a roll of cork and a picture frame.

  • 1         Take the backing off of a frame and discard the glass.

  • 2

    Roll out a sheet of 1/4-inch-thick cork onto a table top and place the frame backing onto the cork.

  • 3

    Trace around the backing with a pencil.

  • 4

    Cut out the cork shape with a box cutter.

  • 5

    Place the cork shape on top of the frame backing and place the form back into the frame.

  • 6

    Staple the backing onto the frame with a staple gun.  (From

  • Decorating With Cork Board

    You can use cork boards for a lot more than holding pinned notes, papers and phone numbers. You can decorate with cork board to add a whole new dimension to your room. From cork on walls to cork in frames, the medium can enhance both the style and texture of any room you choose to decorate. Inexpensive and easy to work with, you’ll be delighted with the variety of options for decorating with cork board.

    1. Letters

      • Trace giant letters onto cardboard and cut them out. Place the template on top of rolled cork that has been flattened onto a table or other surface. Trace the letter onto the cork. Use a utility knife to cut the letter out.

        Spray the letter with spray adhesive and cover with a piece of fabric. Trim the fabric at the edges and turn any rough edges under as a sort of hem. Use a little extra spray adhesive to hold the hems.

        Place the letter on the wall as a decorative piece that may also be used to display photographs. Simply pin like themed photos onto the letter. For a fun take on this idea, pin photos of items that begin with the cork letter (a person’s name or a vacation spot) onto the cork.


      • Purchase a series of similar picture frames at your local dollar store. Spray paint the frames in the same color. Remove the glass and replace with pieces of cork cut from a roll. Paint the cork in each frame with complementary colors of acrylic paint. Place the frames on a desk or table and use for seasonal decor. Affix fall leaves with pins or tacks. For winter decor, cut snowflakes from white paper and pin to the cork. Find sand dollars in the summer and use small pins to attach them to the cork boards.


      • Incorporate cork onto the actual walls in a room to create both style and functionality. Use rolled cork or cork squares and attach to an entire wall with small nails. Spray with spray adhesive and affix fabric or decorative paper. This will create an attractive as well as a textured surface on one wall within the room you’re decorating. The wall can serve a second purpose by holding notes, papers, memos, photos and artwork.


      • Frame a sheet of cork or paint the frame of an assembled cork board. Hang it in the dressing area of your bedroom or bathroom and use it for jewelry and hair items like ribbons, barrettes and headbands