chalk board Message board on wall

Cool idea except for white board. By cabinet by stairs.

like concept, maybe white board lower
built in with bulletin board a must have in our kitchen,.. to save fridge
What about a black board
chaulk-board on end of cabinets
chalk board at the back door and lovely large mirror with shelving and coat well message board in high traffic area

chalk board and bead board and shelves
interesting with red at top of white wall
With the red-framed slate board? Like the tray…
message chalk board, painted wall, shelves
chalk board /white board on wall
Message board. Here, a chalkboard is in a high-traffic area of the home so family members can leave notes and keep everyone up to date.
message board in the family entry
Like the arched ceiling with the white chair rail along with the red color.
like having a family message board, especially when they get older
Message board. Here, a chalkboard is in a high-traffic area of the home so family members can leave notes and

Chalk Board Calander

magnetic chalk board
bulletin board…chalk board…dry erase board…Calk board…Board with month on…Chalk board paint…Chaulk board…Kids board…memo board…white kitchen…magnetic memo board…Chalk board?

Make a Padded Cork Bulletin Board

Instead of hanging a plain cork bulletin board on the wall, add fabric and batting to make a padded bulletin board appropriate for use in the home or office. Choose from a variety of fabric types, and add decorative accessories for a personal touch.

1 Measure the cork bulletin board, and cut out the desired fabric three inches larger than the board itself. Set the fabric aside.

2 Cut out the fabric batting two inches larger than the cork board. Set it aside.

3 Place the batting on the counter, and center the cork board, right-side down on top of the batting. Fold one edge of the batting over the board. Secure the batting to the board with the staple gun. Next staple the opposite side, and work your way around the board.

4 Place the fabric on the counter, right-side down, and center the batting-covered board on top of the fabric.

5 Tightly pull the fabric up and over the board and secure it with the staple gun. Repeat with each side, tightly pulling the fabric before stapling it down.

6 Check your work and trim off excess fabric once you have finished stapling.

Board Dudes Cork Canvas Tile

Cork has long been a favorite choice for bulletin board projects. This Board Dudes Cork Canvas Tile solution will be a favorite for years to come. The unique style of posting (no push pins) will make this a great choice for any age of child.

When you are hoping to have style, function, and safety all in one… this is the choice for most children and most home decor styles. Give as gifts to instill the ability to organize, schedule, have handy reminders, and much more.

A Cork Canvas Tile board will be a great solution to any organization bulletin board project for kids.

This fun board is a canvas tile system which uses 3M command tape so you can use it without damaging the materials. Great choice for children of all ages because there are no push pins to be concerned about.

Good Quality Materials
Use Tape (3M Command) to post your items on the board
Great Style for any room decor
Great choice for any age of child (no safety issues as you might have with push pins and younger children)
Great to teach children how to organize a schedule, homework, or use for a memory board of a vacation or school photos

Bulletin Boards for Kids

Great Bulletin Boards For Kids
When you are shopping for Bulletin Boards For Kids you will want to measure the space, consider the child’s age, look at the design style of the room, and then have fun. A bulletin board can keep track of the days, schedule, class projects, homework assignments, photos of family and friends, important phone numbers, notes between parents and the child or the other way around. There are so many ways you can use a bulletin board the ideas are endless.

Give your child a functional and fun bulletin board and give them ideas how to make the most of using it. If they are new to the process then add a new idea or concept over time to provide a way for them to become more effective in using it over time. Open the discussions so you can find out what ideas they have and let them try those out as well.

Learning organization is a process and a bulletin board is a great way to add to the tool kit for your child.

NEW Framed Memo Boards – Handcrafted with designer fabrics

NEW Framed Memo Boards – Size: 26″ x 26″ – Handcrafted with designer fabrics

– Get organized in style with a fresh twist on the everyday memo board – FREE wooden pushpins included!
– Choose from 24 modern fabric styles – Choose your memo board fabric style here
– Memo board fabrics are chosen for their contemporary design and durability and are framed with a handcrafted hardwood frame
– Every memo board includes Beehive Hangers for easy hanging and a free set of 8 wooden pushpins
– Size: 26″ x 26″. Handcrafted in America.
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Cork Boards with handcrafted solid wood frames

Cork Boards – Large Square – Size: 32″ x 32

– with handcrafted solid wood frames
– Choose from 6 cork board sizes – Choose your cork board size – or  for fabric covered bulletin boards
– Choose from 13 unique frame styles.
– See additional images below to view moulding profiles & finishes.
Cork boards & bulletin boards are ideal for posting invitations, children抯 artwork, family schedules or keeping your home office or kitchen organized.
– All cork board & bulletin boards are constructed by hand in America. Every cork board includes a free tin of 25 wooden pushpins (made in the USA of course!).
– All Pulp cork boards use beehive hangers, hang your cork board securely and evenly in seconds!
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Memo Boards

Memo Boards – Size: 18″ x 18″ – Handcrafted with designer fabrics in China –Design by Morewhiteboard

– Get organized in style with a fresh twist on the everyday memo board – FREE wooden pushpins included!
– Choose from our selection of modern fabric styles – Choose your memo board fabric style here
Memo board fabrics are chosen for their contemporary design and durability and are gallery wrapped around a solid wood frame and bulletin board backing
– Every memo board includes Beehive Hangers for easy hanging and a free set of 8 wooden pushpins
– Size: 18″ x 18″. Handcrafted in China.
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Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Whether you are a Resident Advisor for a college dormitory, a teacher of K-12 students, a homeschooling parent, the office’s creative director or just someone who needs to create a bulletin board, interactive boards will encourage your viewers to participate with the bulletin board itself. This makes it easier to transmit the necessary information and encourage retention


Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Simon Says

  • Teach logic with an interactive Simon Says bulletin board. Provide students with two cylindrical containers, one large enough to fit five tennis balls and one large enough to fit three tennis balls. Then, provide the challenge of filling the larger cylinder with four tennis balls, with the caveat that you may only completely fill and empty any one container; no container can be partially filled. Have students interact with the bulletin board, arrive at a solution and then submit the solution to you on a worksheet for extra credit.

Shoot for the Stars

  • Encourage your team mates to reach their goals with this Shoot for the Stars bulletin board. Provide a box with star-shaped pieces of paper. Encourage passers-by to take a piece of paper, and write a goal for that day, week or month on the star. Then, the person should pin or staple the star to the bulletin board. The goals may be anonymous; the object is to encourage people to write and share their goals so that they can see them on the bulletin board. We are more likely to accomplish our goals when we have externalized them.

    Math Maze

    • Set up a maze on a large bulletin board. Then, at each junction, provide a math problem. The math problems can be designed for the age group of your students. Then, provide a solution for each direction the student could take. The correct path that will take the student closer to the exit of the maze should have the correct answer. Put arrows on pins at each intersection, and have students rotate the arrows to point in the right directions. If a student arrives at the exit, they know they have gotten each answer correct.

    Think Tank

    • Give everyone a piece of paper shaped like a fish. On a large bulletin board that resembles a fish tank, enter the question of the day or week. For students, this question can be related to the subject they are learning. For adults or college students, the question could be a trivia question. Each person should write down their answer on one side of the fish and their name on the other. After they have answered, they should staple their fish to the fishbowl with the answer side hidden. At the end of the competition, put all of the correct fish into a real fish bowl, and have a drawing for the winner. The winner should receive a prize of your choosing.
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Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for College Students

College is a unique time in a young adult’s life. For many, it’s their first really independent living experience. Colleges hire resident assistants (RAs) to create a safe residence hall experience for college students. Many residence halls have bulletin boards, and RAs must decorate these boards in a way that is fun and gives information to the students

Campus Revealed

  • Before putting the bulletin board together, wander around campus and photograph important campus landmarks such as dining halls, the library, theater and workout areas. Choose the best pictures and print them out. Place a campus map in the center of the bulletin board. Surround the map with the pictures of campus. Staple a string from the point on the map to the picture.

Getting to Know You

  • College often brings together young adults from all over the country, sometimes even from all over the world. As the students move into their residence hall rooms, snap pictures of their faces. Print the pictures and mount them on cardboard or foam board. Cut them out so that just the student’s head and shoulders show. Hot-glue a flat-head tack to the back of each picture. Place a national or world map on the bulletin board. Stick the student tacks all around the map. Mount a heading at the top of the map asking students where they graduated from high school. You can use the map for several weeks by asking where students were born, where they would most like to visit or where they hope to get their first job.

Fact Versus Myth

  • College carries its own risks. Bulletin boards can be a useful tool to teach students and help them make safe decisions. Present drug and alcohol facts and myths. Print off small slips with all of the statements. Encourage students to write “true” or “false” next to each of the statements. Offer a prize for the student who gives the most correct answers.

The Freshman Fifteen

  • College means pizza, beer and soda at all hours of the day and night. Junk food is available everywhere, from vending machines in the residence hall to desserts in the dining hall. Area fast food restaurants often contract with colleges to provide fast food for students. All of this can set up some harmful eating patterns and contribute to the weight gain new students often experience. A fun way to educate students about the dangers of junk food is to create a bulletin board. Show how far the average student has to walk to burn the calories in a piece of pizza, an order of french fries or a candy bar.

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Ideas for a Girl Scout Bulletin Board Display

A bulletin board can serve a multitude of purposes. A Girl Scout troop’s bulletin board can provide information on meeting and event times, showcase a different girl each week, or hold holiday decorations. A bulletin board in a girl’s room can be dedicated to her scouting achievements. Wherever your bulletin board, you can find a unique way to use it to show the best of Girl Scouts.


Seasonal Bulletin Board

  • Try decorating your troop’s bulletin board with holiday crafts. Have the girls cut snowflakes, hearts, shamrocks or flowers from paper. They can trace their hands and make them into drawings of turkeys for Thanksgiving or make ornaments from tin foil for Christmas. Have your scouts research seasonal celebrations from around the world and decorate the board to showcase diversity. Make sure to include a calendar with all the holidays marked on it and any scouting events for that month.

A Girl A Week Bulletin Board

  • Let each girl in your troupe be in charge of the bulletin board each week and design the display. She can use the board to share her interests and accomplishments with the troop or dedicate it to a subject she’s interested in. One scout may want to clip articles out of the local paper and use the board to showcase current events. Another might want to research her heritage and use the board to explore it with the rest of the troop. This is a great way for your scouts to get to know each other better and to keep your bulletin board fresh.

Basic Board

  • A bulletin board doesn’t have to be fancy to be useful; you may simply want to use a board to display the troop calendar and mark girl scout events in the area. You can also post fliers for activities the girls might want to take part in or put together a newsletter with your troop’s latest achievements. You can also post badges your scouts earn so they can see visible proof of their achievements.

Personal Bulletin Board

  • Have a blank bulletin board in your scout’s room and don’t know what to do with it? Why not dedicate it to her scouting achievements? You can pin her badges to it so she can see how much she’s achieved and it makes a great place to display the crafts she brings home. Pin up fliers or programs for scouting events that she’s participated in or attended. Now, instead of a blank board, you have a space dedicated to all your daughter has accomplished in Girl Scouts.