Hot sale Electronic whiteboard for school/office

Detailed introduction to Hot sale Electronic whiteboard for school/office:

Riotouch interactive whiteboard Hardware Features(pls refer to the Hardwqare chapter)

Any solid untransparent objects can be projected on the board;

 No light sports, to protect users’s eyes;

The Riotouch could be also used as a traditional whiteboard by water pen;

Riotouch responses to finger-touch;The after-service is for 15 years

;Intelligent penholder provides user-friendly writing tools;

Modern and durable design and structure for easy maintence if needed;

Scratches on the board surface will not affect the used of Riotouch

Riotouch interactive whiteboard Software Features(pls refer to the Software chapter)

Free upgrade for life;Offering free resouces download websites;

Supporting diverse resouces database self-defined by common format files, no limit to the number of resouces;

Marking play-status of Microsoft PowerPoint;

Catching and marking all desktop contents;

Audio, cideo recording and playback function;

Expanding the application functionality DIY;

Multi-touch(finger recognition and so on) makes the operation more user-friendly and convinient;

Supporting any insert of images , animation, video and other files;

Supporting DIY shortcut button function.

Finger touch interactive boards for classroom/office/school

Detailed introduction to Finger touch interactive boards for classroom/office/school:

Finger touch interactive boards for classroom/office/school

Interactive boards combine the advantages of solutions on the market by becoming the optimal choice for those who like to make compromises. They combine the best features of the touch panel, or electromagnetic so they can be successfully used in conference rooms, lecture halls and classrooms and laboratories concerned.


interactive whiteboard or IWB is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface, where users can write by pen or finger. The board is typically mounted to a wall or on a floor stand.
IWB employ infrared technology to enable finger, gloved hand or any other opaque object to touch directly to control PC rather than needing to use a special pen.
IWB is used for education, conference, presentation and other applications. It is easy to use and multi-functional; it achieves the interactive purpose between user and machine, gives students a vivid sensory experience with music, sounds, images, and animation, motivates students to participate and inspires teachers too.
Interactive whiteboards are a key component to the 21st century all-in-one classroom solution, We have a wide range of sizes to meet your diverse requirements, our custom department is happy to hear about customers’ designs and work closely to turn their ideas into reality.


RioStudio is a software mainly for education, teachers can use it together with an interactive whiteboard in the classroom, making an vivid and interactive environment for students study. This software is developed


  • Two people write simultaneously.
  • Two fingers gesture control (zoom in/out)
  • Support Microsoft surface multi-touch
  • Teacher prepared courses/e-books for class can easily add into the software.
  • Teacher can drag tremendous video/flash/PDF/JPG/PPT/word……into the software and play at the same time
  • Google search directly through the software, drag the webpage into the software and zoom in/out by two fingers.
  • Hyperlink word/excel/ ppt/ video/ flash/jpg/ png/music…… for the selected object.
  • Record and play (teachers can record all the operations on the software and save and upload for students download)
  • No need to exit the software and operate computer desktop directly
  • Hand writing recognition (hand write words, and system will change to standard words automatically)
  • Smart pen change hand write irregular line/circle/Triangle/ into standard

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Magnetic Pocket Chart

Our incredibly convenient pocket chart has a handy magnetic strip on back…so it easily sticks to any magnetic surface! The durable nylon chart has ten rugged, stitched-on plastic pockets, plus sturdy metal grommets—so you can also hang it from traditional chart stands. Pockets hold cards that are up to 3 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ long. Blue chart is 33 1/2″ x 41 1/2″ high.
item# JJ227

Use It For Everything

By Deettap from Wasilla, AK (read all my reviews)Date:August 2, 2010

Pros: solid construction, easy to use, makes learning fun
I am: a teacher Where I use this product: homeschoolBottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.“I use this pocket chart for everything. I love that it goes up on my chalkboard so easily. The magnets hold much better than I expected. This chart is a staple in my classroom.
Can’t wait to get all the great science vocabulary pocket chart kits this year to go with it :)”

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Whether you are a Resident Advisor for a college dormitory, a teacher of K-12 students, a homeschooling parent, the office’s creative director or just someone who needs to create a bulletin board, interactive boards will encourage your viewers to participate with the bulletin board itself. This makes it easier to transmit the necessary information and encourage retention


Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Simon Says

  • Teach logic with an interactive Simon Says bulletin board. Provide students with two cylindrical containers, one large enough to fit five tennis balls and one large enough to fit three tennis balls. Then, provide the challenge of filling the larger cylinder with four tennis balls, with the caveat that you may only completely fill and empty any one container; no container can be partially filled. Have students interact with the bulletin board, arrive at a solution and then submit the solution to you on a worksheet for extra credit.

Shoot for the Stars

  • Encourage your team mates to reach their goals with this Shoot for the Stars bulletin board. Provide a box with star-shaped pieces of paper. Encourage passers-by to take a piece of paper, and write a goal for that day, week or month on the star. Then, the person should pin or staple the star to the bulletin board. The goals may be anonymous; the object is to encourage people to write and share their goals so that they can see them on the bulletin board. We are more likely to accomplish our goals when we have externalized them.

    Math Maze

    • Set up a maze on a large bulletin board. Then, at each junction, provide a math problem. The math problems can be designed for the age group of your students. Then, provide a solution for each direction the student could take. The correct path that will take the student closer to the exit of the maze should have the correct answer. Put arrows on pins at each intersection, and have students rotate the arrows to point in the right directions. If a student arrives at the exit, they know they have gotten each answer correct.

    Think Tank

    • Give everyone a piece of paper shaped like a fish. On a large bulletin board that resembles a fish tank, enter the question of the day or week. For students, this question can be related to the subject they are learning. For adults or college students, the question could be a trivia question. Each person should write down their answer on one side of the fish and their name on the other. After they have answered, they should staple their fish to the fishbowl with the answer side hidden. At the end of the competition, put all of the correct fish into a real fish bowl, and have a drawing for the winner. The winner should receive a prize of your choosing.
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Ideas for a Girl Scout Bulletin Board Display

A bulletin board can serve a multitude of purposes. A Girl Scout troop’s bulletin board can provide information on meeting and event times, showcase a different girl each week, or hold holiday decorations. A bulletin board in a girl’s room can be dedicated to her scouting achievements. Wherever your bulletin board, you can find a unique way to use it to show the best of Girl Scouts.


Seasonal Bulletin Board

  • Try decorating your troop’s bulletin board with holiday crafts. Have the girls cut snowflakes, hearts, shamrocks or flowers from paper. They can trace their hands and make them into drawings of turkeys for Thanksgiving or make ornaments from tin foil for Christmas. Have your scouts research seasonal celebrations from around the world and decorate the board to showcase diversity. Make sure to include a calendar with all the holidays marked on it and any scouting events for that month.

A Girl A Week Bulletin Board

  • Let each girl in your troupe be in charge of the bulletin board each week and design the display. She can use the board to share her interests and accomplishments with the troop or dedicate it to a subject she’s interested in. One scout may want to clip articles out of the local paper and use the board to showcase current events. Another might want to research her heritage and use the board to explore it with the rest of the troop. This is a great way for your scouts to get to know each other better and to keep your bulletin board fresh.

Basic Board

  • A bulletin board doesn’t have to be fancy to be useful; you may simply want to use a board to display the troop calendar and mark girl scout events in the area. You can also post fliers for activities the girls might want to take part in or put together a newsletter with your troop’s latest achievements. You can also post badges your scouts earn so they can see visible proof of their achievements.

Personal Bulletin Board

  • Have a blank bulletin board in your scout’s room and don’t know what to do with it? Why not dedicate it to her scouting achievements? You can pin her badges to it so she can see how much she’s achieved and it makes a great place to display the crafts she brings home. Pin up fliers or programs for scouting events that she’s participated in or attended. Now, instead of a blank board, you have a space dedicated to all your daughter has accomplished in Girl Scouts.

Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stand

Bulletin Borad Stands – Display Cases Built For The Outdoors
Enclosed Outdoor Bulletin Board Displays are our popular “Swing Cases” line of outdoor display cases. These weather proof bulletin board display cases are designed to hold and display Posters, Menus, and Messages. This attractive exterior metal bulletin boardcase can withstand the elements while protecting and delivering your message. Interior cork board backing can be used to display a variety of printed materials including; posters, menus, advertising, announcements, construction permits, schedules and other postings.Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stands – Weatherproof and Lockable
Exterior display cases are used for more than poster displays. These weatherproof aluminum cases are ideal as outdoor menu displays and menu holders with 4 standard case sizes. Based on the standard sizes available you can then determine how many menu pages you would like to display.

Indoor and Outdoor Custom Bulletin Board Display Stands
Swing Cases are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you would like a custom poster or menu case size, give us a call and we’ll build it for you. If you require an exterior menu display case that’s illuminated we can provide a fluorescent interior top light to brighten these outdoor menu boxes.

Rubber-Tak Cork Boards – Standard Aluminum Frame

Rubber – Tak Cork Boards – Standard Aluminum Frame

An environmentally friendly tackboard surface, the award-winning Rubber-Tak board is ideal for the ecologically-conscious school or company. The uniquely textured surface is manufactured from high-density, 100% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled rubber to provide eco-friendliness as well as unmatched durability and resiliency.
Pin holes virtually disappear into the self-healing surface. The rubber is moisture-resistant, chemical-resistant and will not support the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria, making it an exceptional choice for health care environments.
Rubber-Tak is also stain-resistant, non-fading, and easy to clean and maintain. The rubber offers superior sound- and shock-absorbent qualities and is nearly impossible to tear, making the board perfect for high traffic and athletic environments, such as hallways and gyms.
Rubber-Tak also makes an ideal tackboard surface for offices, meeting rooms, or classrooms, adding an element of color and style. The board comes standard framed in anodized aluminum trim or in elegant Euro trim, and includes mounting hardware.

Classic Schoolhouse Chalkboards

Chalkboards with hundreds of frame options and dozens of standard sizes.

Image and decor set the tone for the consumer experience in your restaurant or store. That’s why IBoard offers chalkboards in so many frame options to suit your unique needs.

Whether your message requires a full wall, or must fit precisely in limited space, our chalkboards are offered in over 60 standard sizes to provide your solution.  Custom sizes are always available.
Beautiful natural wood frames with traditional lines
and hand rubbed finishes. Vintage appearance.
Finishes have a high level of variation and old time character.

Mouldings are available in four different widths – 1.0″, 1.5″, 2.5″ and 3.5″.
Six different colors. Over 50 standard sizes.
Three different chalkboard writing surfaces.
MOREBoards can surely meet your needs!

Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Take the Bored Out Cork Board

A dorm isn’t a dorm without the staple brown cork board on the wall. You post reminders of exams, pictures of your friends, phone numbers (of that hottie you just met!), and other important info on your life.

Problem is that the ugly brown cork board is a little bored. I know it doesn’t match the rest of your gorgeous room decor, so here is an easy and creative way to transform that ugly board into an artistic and functional piece of wall decor.

What You’ll Need:
*2 Sets of Cork Tiles: You can find these at Wal-mart, Target, or any office supply store. They usually come in sets of 4. You can make your cork piece as big as you want, but I usually use 8 tiles (so, 2 sets).
*Spray Paint: Use any color you want. The spray paint will be for the background color of your piece.
*Art Paint: Again, choose any colors you want. This paint will add accent colors and design on the cork tiles after they are spray painted. Skip this step if you prefer to have a plain color cork piece!
*Ribbon: Use any color/design you want. Just make sure the color of the ribbon goes well with the paint colors.
*Small paint brushes

Easy Instructions
1. Outside in an open area, lay down some newspaper so you don’t make a mess. Lay out the cork tiles on the newspaper. With the spray paint, paint each of the cork tiles in a side to side, up and down motion until the entire tile is painted. Don’t overdo it – just make sure the color of the cork doesn’t show through the spray paint. Set aside to dry.

2. Now that your cork tiles are all painted, feel free to use the other paint to add designs on top of the tiles. Draw stripes, circles, flowers, swirls, whatever design you choose! You could also paint a letter on each tile to spell out a word or your name. Let that beauty dry.

3. Now it’s time to hang your creation. Using the adhesive stickers that came with your cork tiles, place the cork tiles on the wall leaving room between each tile (big enough for the ribbon you chose). I usually put 2 rows of 4 tiles to make a rectangle, but you could also make a square of 4 tiles, an asymmetrical pattern, or whichever looks best to you.

4. Finally, tack ribbon to the wall between your tiles so it creates a border around all the rows of your tiles. You don’t have to do this step, but it adds color and makes the tiles come together as an art piece instead of just a bunch of tiles on the wall.

5. You’re done! Now add pictures, posts, and anything else you put on your normal cork board, which is not so normal anymore.


Indoor Bulletin Board Display with Interior Energy-Efficient Light Illuminated Wood Swingframe Designer Bulletin Board has an off the wall depth of only 3 5/8” that meets ADA regulations. The lighted interior has 2” usable display area to place your messages and other postings. An energy efficient T-4 florescent bulb is UL approved and replaceable.

Patented Bulletin Board Display with Hidden Hinges and Gravity Lock Swingframe’s patented display system features hidden hinges and a gravity lock ─unlike other enclosed bulletin board displays that have a viewable obtrusive hinge on the front bulletin board door. With the Swingframe Designer Bulletin Board, you can’t that it swings open.

Lockable Bulletin Boards are also available with an optional side plunge lock. Custom Enclosed Bulletin Board Sizes | Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards Wood Designer Bulletin Boards have a natural cork board backing with the option of adding fabric bulletin board colors.

Other display board options include custom bulletin board sizes starting from a small 18×24 enclosed board to 36×48 large bulletin board display cabinets.

See the light in this custom designed bulletin board display frame and display your messages, directories, posters, menus and other printed materials. A contemporary 3-step half round wood profile with a decorative beveled matboard encloses the illuminated display board to attract everyone’s attention.