Hot sale Electronic whiteboard for school/office

Detailed introduction to Hot sale Electronic whiteboard for school/office:

Riotouch interactive whiteboard Hardware Features(pls refer to the Hardwqare chapter)

Any solid untransparent objects can be projected on the board;

 No light sports, to protect users’s eyes;

The Riotouch could be also used as a traditional whiteboard by water pen;

Riotouch responses to finger-touch;The after-service is for 15 years

;Intelligent penholder provides user-friendly writing tools;

Modern and durable design and structure for easy maintence if needed;

Scratches on the board surface will not affect the used of Riotouch

Riotouch interactive whiteboard Software Features(pls refer to the Software chapter)

Free upgrade for life;Offering free resouces download websites;

Supporting diverse resouces database self-defined by common format files, no limit to the number of resouces;

Marking play-status of Microsoft PowerPoint;

Catching and marking all desktop contents;

Audio, cideo recording and playback function;

Expanding the application functionality DIY;

Multi-touch(finger recognition and so on) makes the operation more user-friendly and convinient;

Supporting any insert of images , animation, video and other files;

Supporting DIY shortcut button function.

Do-It-Yourself Whiteboard

Whiteboards are used in schools, businesses, churches and home offices as an easy way to post written instruction, agendas, brainstorming ideas and meeting notes. Like chalk boards, what is written on the surface of a whiteboard can be easily erased so that the drawing surface can be reused many times. When using a whiteboard, write on it only with markers approved for whiteboard use, as other markers will not erase. Making your own whiteboard saves money, is not difficult and only requires a few materials.

  • 1

    Lay newspaper or an old cloth down on a flat, outdoor surface; if constructing indoors, select a well-ventilated spot. Set a piece of plywood measuring 48 inches long by 36 inches tall and 1/4-inch thick down on the newspaper or cloth.

  • 2

    Paint one side of the plywood with a can of white primer spray paint. Allow the first coat to dry and then repeat with an additional coat. Allow plywood to dry overnight.

  • 3

    Lay a piece of polypropylene sheet measuring 48 inches long by 36 inches tall and 1/8-inch thick on top of the dried, white plywood. Measure two inches in from each corner of the boards and drill a hole with a drill and 1/4-inch bit attached.

  • 4

    Insert a one-inch hex bolt into each hole. Lift the boards off the floor and secure each of the four hex bolts with a nut. Buy a set of whiteboard markers and eraser and set them, along with your whiteboard, in the room which you want to use it in. Transport as needed.

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Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stand

Bulletin Borad Stands – Display Cases Built For The Outdoors
Enclosed Outdoor Bulletin Board Displays are our popular “Swing Cases” line of outdoor display cases. These weather proof bulletin board display cases are designed to hold and display Posters, Menus, and Messages. This attractive exterior metal bulletin boardcase can withstand the elements while protecting and delivering your message. Interior cork board backing can be used to display a variety of printed materials including; posters, menus, advertising, announcements, construction permits, schedules and other postings.Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stands – Weatherproof and Lockable
Exterior display cases are used for more than poster displays. These weatherproof aluminum cases are ideal as outdoor menu displays and menu holders with 4 standard case sizes. Based on the standard sizes available you can then determine how many menu pages you would like to display.

Indoor and Outdoor Custom Bulletin Board Display Stands
Swing Cases are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you would like a custom poster or menu case size, give us a call and we’ll build it for you. If you require an exterior menu display case that’s illuminated we can provide a fluorescent interior top light to brighten these outdoor menu boxes.