Electronic fluorescent LED flashing Boards

Electronic fluorescent LED flashing Boards

Features of the LED flashing Boards:

  • Reusable and durable
  • Easy to erase – just use a soft cloth or tissue to erase
  • Super thin and light weight making it convenient for installation and transporting
  • High hardness, Abrasion resistant acrylic board
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to display

Electronic fluorescent handwrting board, facing the domestic and international customer’s

great demand of wholesale and seeking for the powerful companies.Our products are make

of high class special frame and optics acrylic.Writing on the board with fluorescent colored pen

directly. The gorgeous neon lamp picture will be appeared on the borad.In addtion,our products

are energy conservation ,environment friendly.

 LED flashing Boards Application

Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stand

Bulletin Borad Stands – Display Cases Built For The Outdoors
Enclosed Outdoor Bulletin Board Displays are our popular “Swing Cases” line of outdoor display cases. These weather proof bulletin board display cases are designed to hold and display Posters, Menus, and Messages. This attractive exterior metal bulletin boardcase can withstand the elements while protecting and delivering your message. Interior cork board backing can be used to display a variety of printed materials including; posters, menus, advertising, announcements, construction permits, schedules and other postings.Outdoor Bulletin Board Display Stands – Weatherproof and Lockable
Exterior display cases are used for more than poster displays. These weatherproof aluminum cases are ideal as outdoor menu displays and menu holders with 4 standard case sizes. Based on the standard sizes available you can then determine how many menu pages you would like to display.

Indoor and Outdoor Custom Bulletin Board Display Stands
Swing Cases are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you would like a custom poster or menu case size, give us a call and we’ll build it for you. If you require an exterior menu display case that’s illuminated we can provide a fluorescent interior top light to brighten these outdoor menu boxes.

Cork Board Easel with Chalk Board and Dry Erase Board

This product is engineered with education in mind and is ideal for any classroom. It is two sided, one side is a chalk board, the other is a dry erase markerboard. Both writing surfaces are magnetic. The writing surfaces are each 34.25″ wide x 23.25: high and incorporates a magnetic backed oak tray. This tray can be secured onto choice of surface and accommodates your markers, chalk and other writing instruments. This magnetic cork board folds up flat to effect carrying and holding a breeze. Total product dimensions are 24.5″ wide x 45″ high x 27″ deep, this unit weighs 49 lbs.

All cork board models are made for sharing your unique messages. This cork board is a magnetic easel with two sides for use. One side is a chalk board and the other side is dry erase board. Supplying important notices in a company or school with this-these framed cork board helps keep employees, students, or customers informed. They are an easy to use way to advertise schedules, flyers, and menus in the community. Cork Board Easel with Chalk Board and Dry Erase Board models come in a wide array of fashions and dimensions. Cork-Board.net has bulletin boards, dry erase boards, notice boards, white boards, and accessories for any occasion or environment!

This-these wall cork board is-are great for indoor and outdoor displays. This Cork Board is a Double Sided Magnetic Easel with a Chalk Board and a Dry Erase Board Side! Reasonably priced, these notice boards get your message the notice it deserves. Ideal for updating students, employees, customers, or tenants, this-these framed cork board is-are an efficient way to communicate. These Cork Boards Accessories Feature Easels for Teaching and are the best bulletin boards models to disseminate information. Great at alerting the public to changes or instructing employees through protocol, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, notice boards, white boards make it easy to say what you need to.

Two-Sided Portable Flip White Board

  • Double-sided board gives more writing surface while taking up less space.
  • Portable marker board can conveniently be stored when not in use.
  • Ledge below marker board can hold markers & erasers.

This portable cork board incorporates a ledge. The portable cork board, likewise recognized as a whiteboard, has a ledge for markers and erasers, permitting you to store them with the board when not in use. This portable cork board has an aluminum frame and stand, rendering this portable cork board rugged and long lived. Use these whiteboards, portable cork boards in your classroom now!

This whiteboard, portable cork board is ideal for classrooms. These dry erase boards, white boards, and other portable cork boards incorporate a double-sided surface to maintain information that you need on one side, and also permitting you to write on the other. This whiteboard is the ideal portable cork board in settings where there isn’t much wall area. The whiteboard, portable cork board also incorporates wheels that enable it to be located anyplace in a room and moved to where it is needed.

Board (both sides) :
72″ x 48″
Height: 72″ (with casters)
Weight:80 Lbs.


Easel – with a Built-In Whiteboard

Frame: Aluminum

Framed?: Y
Height: 36
Surface 1: Melamine
Surface 1 Color: White
Weight: 18.00
Width: 24
Manufacturer: Ghent
Price: 179.00
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Trim Color: Aluminum
Easel – with a Built-In Whiteboard
Attivo is the easy-to-transport briefcase that transforms in seconds into a full sized display board. Pull out telescoping legs and unfold to reveal a roomy 23-1/2″ x 35-1/2″ markerboard. Durable exterior case is 4-3/8″ x 19-3/4″ x 31-1/2″ closed and stores easily.
Attivo is the “where you need it”, “when you need it” presentation tool.

Oak Presentation Easel with Verona Whiteboard

Frame: Oak
Framed?: Y
Height: 42
Surface 1: Melamine
Surface 1 Color: White
Weight: 26.00
Width: 30
Manufacturer: Ghent
Price: 189.00
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Trim Color: Oak
Product Line: 4-Leg Adjustable Easels
This strong four-legged presentation easel with its stylish radius corners combined with the natural beauty of Oak will help you get your point across.
The 42″ x 30″ dry erase markerboard is securely attached to the oak legs. Ghent”s 19440 easel features solid oak framing and legs,
a full-length oak marker tray and two brass pegs to accommodate standard sized 2-hole flipchart pads.
This wooden easel allows you a choice of two differentheight settings, the maximum up to 72″ high. Folds for easy storage.Comes complete with markers and an eraser.

Phantom Line Easel with Doublesided Verona Whiteboard

Frame: Steel
Framed?: Y
Height: 36
Surface 1: Melamine
Surface 1 Color: White
Weight: 35.00
Width: 25
Manufacturer: Ghent
Price: 205.80
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Trim Color: Black
Finally, a simple and easy way to keep you in line! The Phantom Line Easel offers a 36″ x 25″ dry erase markerboard with an innovative 2″ x 2″ grid pattern that is only visible to those standing beside the easel.
The Phantom Lines aid the user, but are unseen by the audience. Perfect for drawing charts or as penmanship guide lines.
The Phantom Line Easel adjust from 42″ up to 71″ high.
The double-sided markerboard rotates a full 360° simply by pulling the spring-loaded knob, and accommodates standard flipchart pads.