MoreBoard Advantages

 MoreBoard Advantages

  • Transforms space with innovative, forward-thinking image.
  • Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs.
  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
  • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining.
  • Durable, lasting the life of the wall.
  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Customizable with branding or logo of choice.

More Boards Inc.

Why Choose MoreBoard Whiteboards?

  • MoreBoard is the trusted name in Glass Whiteboards.
  • MoreBoard is the industry staple for quality.
  • MoreBoard is the industry leader in innovation.
  • MoreBoard customer service is second to none.
  • MoreBoard offers the broadest product lineup in Glass Dry-Erase systems.
  • MoreBoard offers quick and reliable lead times.

The Glassboard Float

The Glassboard Float is the newest addition to the upscale, visually striking style that has come to define Clarus Glassboards.

Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

Glass Whiteboard Highlights

  • Transforms space with innovative, forward thinking image
  • Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs
  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
  • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Customizable with branding or logo of choice

Choose Your Style

Magnetic and custom color options are available.

  • Magnetic Glassboard weight is 4.2 lbs per square foot
  • Color matching and custom colors available
  • Silk-screened grids, calendars and other custom requests available Continue reading

Clarus Architectural Series Glassboard – Magnetic Glass Walling

The Clarus Architectural Series is designed to foster creative, forward thinking workspaces. Clarus offers a range of solutions to allow highly customizable solutions from walling to elevator systems.

Clarus Glass Walling renews office space with refinement and class. Whether searching for a floor to ceiling application or free floating magnetic glass wall solution, Clarus Glass Walling provides the pinnacle in forward-thinking design and functional elegance. Multiple color options and sizes allow a myriad of possibility and designs.

Clarus Architectural Glass Applications:

  • Architectural glass walling solution for custom projects
  • Floor to ceiling applications
  • Elevator walling systems
  • Reception entrance solutions
  • Custom ceramic frit printing solutions
  • Elegant multi-color walling surface Continue reading

Make Your Own Glass Whiteboard for Under $45

Purchasing a large commercial whiteboard can get expensive, but if you’ve got a home office or dorm room with a big white or dark solid wall, you can build your own glass whiteboard.

Instructables user johnpombrio did just that in his son’s dorm room. The result could be a lot more finished, and you need a white or dark background behind the glass to see the writing on it, but at $65, the price is right. He writes:

Does it work? Yes. Is it the best whiteboard my son has ever used? No. It’s the contrast. A white whiteboard with a black marker is, by far, the easiest to see and use. Unless there is a dark background or a white background, the writing is harder to see on a clear whiteboard. Glass White Board

Have you opted to built your own whiteboard instead of buying one? Did you use showerboard, glass, whiteboard paint, or another material? Share your secret in the comments. Magnetic Glass Board

A glass whiteboard [Instructables via Make]