Hospital Whiteboards

Hospital Whiteboards

CAREBOARDSonline is a quick, easy way to order high quality dry erase hospital whiteboards for patient rooms. Our whiteboards give nurses and physicians a convenient place to list goals for patients, care plans for each day, scheduled tests or important notes such as language preferences. Posting this information on dry erase whiteboards in patient rooms helps families, staff and the patients themselves stay informed.

CAREBOARDSonline offers complete customization on whiteboards suitable for not only patient rooms but also emergency rooms, operating rooms, and other areas of the hospital which utilize whiteboards for patient care communication.

Custom Whiteboard Features

MDF frame with rounded edges surrounds our custom whiteboards so erasers won’t smudge the hospital room wall
Recessed channel to catch any excess dry eraser ink dust
Interchangeable magnetic graphics easily peeled off to transfer with the patient or to accommodate different languages and care needs
Recessed pocket for a variety of dry erase pens, markers and accessories
Each custom whiteboard features a recessed pocket for eraser
Durable whiteboard surface lets you use a wide variety of
dry erase pens that will erase completely

How to Make a Pretty Corkboard

Office equipment and materials are necessary and useful, but they also can be boring. Corkboards do not have to be plain tan cork wrapped in smooth, thin frames. You can create your own corkboard in any color shceme you want. Dress your dorm room or office in your favorite colors by creating a useful piece that is as decorative as it is helpful. Paint a corkboard and place it in a pretty frame for a truly personal office space.

  • 1                                                                                                                                                Remove the backing and glass from your photo frame.

  • 2

    Cover your workspace (preferably outdoors) with newspaper and lay your photo frame right-side up on the paper. Spray paint the frame with your choice of color. Consider the design of the room you are using it in when choosing your color. Allow the paint to dry.

  • 3

    Measure the photo frame backing with your ruler and cut the cardboard and cork sheeting to the same size with a utility knife.

  • 4

    Spray the cardboard with spray adhesive and smooth the cork sheeting onto the cardboard so that the edges match exactly. Allow the adhesive to dry.

  • 5

    Apply a layer of latex paint in any color you like onto the cork sheeting with a sponge brush. Smooth the layer on so there ae no streaks or paint drips. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat the same way if the coverage is thin and you can see the cork color through the paint.

  • 6

    Place the corkboard into the photo frame so that the cork is in place of the glass and replace the backing onto the frame. Dispose of the glass or store it somewhere safe for another project.    (From

Creative workspace with blackboard design

There are lots of ways to design a workspace. Usually, most of them are plain and boring, with a desk, a chair and maybe a lamp or something. Others are a little more creative and colors and added as well as some decorations maybe. But here’s a very interesting and creative workspace from Gispen Huiswerk.

Not only that it’s not boring and plain, but it’s filled with inspirations. This work area is very creative and flexible. I really like the blackboard walls. They provide a lot of freedom and they stimulate the imagination and creativity. Whenever you have an idea you can just put it on the blackboard and this will help you visualize it better. Also, notice the interesting furniture. There’s a mix of styles in there but it looks great in this context.

There aren’t a lot of colors in there. It’s not a space meant to be elegant or stylish. It’s a space meant to be flexible and to allow creative work to develop in there. It’s the kind of space that looks messy but it’s actually very nicely organized.

If you feel like your own workspace could use some new ideas, you can get some inspiration from these pictures. You can actually make some cool improvements by yourself. For example, the blackboard walls are pretty easy to create. Then all you have to do is adapt the rest of the space to your personal needs.

Adjustable Poster Stand

1)Snap-open poster stand, easy to change the posters
2)Windbreak base is stronger even for outdoor using
3)Double sided frame
The dual sandwich poster stand are made from weather resistant aluminum and make great outdoor marketing displays for hotels, movie theaters, restaurabtsm clubs and bars. Header displays will accommodate 170*594mm print
1) Free-standing, dual-sided sign frame  Portable,
2) Lightweight aluminum frame,
3) Easy to use snap frame poster sign,
4) Deluxe snap frame header display
5) with solid rounded bright corners for this outside poster stands are not easy to be demolished.
Material: Aluminum  Type: A Stand 

Adjustable Poster Stand  Adjustable Snap Open Frame  A Board Poster Display Stand  A Shape Poster Stand  Poster Stand  Poster Frame Stand  Snap Frame Poster Stand  A3 Snap Frame Board  High Quality Poster Frame Stand  Snap Frame Stand  Poster Board  A4 Snap Frame Poster Stand  A Frame Poster Board  Poster Stand Manufacturer  Trade Show Poster Stand

Aluminum Snap Poster Frame

1:Poster frame.
2: Aluminum frame.
3:Size: A1, A2, A3, A4 and other sizes are available.
Size: A1, A2, A3, A4 and other sizes are available, the size can be made according to customer requirement.
Snap frame. Aluminum.
Material: aluminum  Size: 23-3/5″*15-3/4″  color: shiny silver 
overall thickness: 7/10″  aluminum: pure aluminum alloy  back panel: 3/25″ aluminum-plastic composite pa… 
profile width: 4/5″  use: poster frame 

*Custom-made size/all size
*Edge polished & Clean
*Stainless steel screw
*Clip insert paper printed
 1  Professional Custom Best Acrylic Photo Frame
 2  Material:  Best clear acrylic / color optional
 3  Size  Custom-made, pls See below for details
 4  Installation  Stainless steel screw ( standing or wall mount )
 5  Clip paper  Clip insert paper printed
 6  Packing  Buble bag + white/brown box for per each + carton
 7  One-stop Service  ODM&OEM are available (engraving logo,printing gift box,carton printing)
we had polished the side,so the side surface look very clear and smooth also.
the figure is cut by laser,so its figure is very standard and its size is very exactly.

Aluminum Snap Poster Frame  Aluminium Snap Frame  Snap Open Aluminum Poster Frame  Snap Frame  Snap Frame Display  A0 Poster Frame  A1 Poster Frame  A2 Poster Frame  A3 Poster Frame  A4 Poster Frame  Ultrathin Poster Frame  Snap Frame Whiteboard  Snap Poster Frame Board  Whiteboard With Snap Frame  Snap Frame Board  Snap Frame Poster Board  Poster Display  Aluminum Snap Frame Whiteboard

Poster Stand A Frame

aluminum out door A board

1)material:aluminum frame,pvc(MDF,PS,Aluminum Plate)

2)high quality

3)competitive price

4)with single side board and double sides board


1)high quality and competitive price

2)easy for install and carrying

3)Its convenient for advertising

4)with round corner and right corner

we can provide it according to your requirement(50*70cm,60*85cm,70*100cm,85*130cm)

-special size is available.

-u are welcome to view WEBSITE for more information.

Rolling chart scheduling control board kits

Continuous mylar scheduling sleeve rotates so you’ll never run out of space!
· Schedule 26, 52 or 104 weeks ahead
· Avoid missing key deadlines, spot bottlenecks, and coordinate scheduling conflicts
Using our Rol-a-chart®
· For over 40 years Rol-a-chart® has set the standard for precision daily scheduling and               control throughout business and government operations around the world
· Ideal for work assignments, long term projects, personnel and vacations, training, job
scheduling, maintenance planning, and more
· Write on the sleeve using our fine point Damp-Erase Pens, use Magnets and Magnetic               Card Holders, or attach Charting Tape to indicate your activities
· Advance the sleeve to mark your schedule, then simply roll it back to the Today Line –               what could be easier!
Prices below include a Supply Kit of a generous assortment of accessories
· 8 Damp-Erase Pens – fine and medium point green, blue, red, black
· 25 Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets – 5 ea. red, green, blue, orange, yellow
· 70 Magnetic Indicators – assorted shapes and colors
· 2 rolls 1/16″ Charting Tape – black and red
· 500 Magnetic Card Holders – 1/2″x4″
· 500 Datacards – 1/2″x4″, 100 ea. white, lime, blue, yellow, salmon
· Adhesive 12 Month Date Line Set
· Elastic Today Line indicator
· Plastic Eraser
· Tube of Sleeve Cleaner
· Guide to Visual Control
· Hanging Hardware