How to Hang Cork Board

Hang cork board up on the wall and you’ll always have a place for organization. You can hang things you need like business cards, class schedules, notes, lists of phone numbers and e-mail addresses—anything you need instant access to. Simply pin and unpin any documents you need as they flow into and out of your life. Cork boards are easy to put up and create only two small holes in the wall.

  • 1. Use a measuring tape to determine how far down the wall you want to hang the cork board. Measure down from the ceiling or up from the floor. Mark the spot with a pencil.
  • 2. Hold the cork board up to the wall on the spot you marked. Determine how far to the left or right you want it to be.
  • 3. Hold the cork board securely in place. Use the pencil to make two marks on the wall, one for each hanger. Put the cork board aside.
  • 4. Screw a hook into the wall at each pencil mark. Raise the cork board up above the hooks. Slide the hangers over the hooks, and your cork board is ready to use.
  • Need Things:Measuring tape , Pencil , 2 hooks , Cork board