How to Make a Wine Cork Board

Perfect for a kitchen or entertainment area, a wine cork board adds a decorative touch to organizing papers and making more room on countertops. The project also allows the connoisseur to show off a sophisticated taste in wine by displaying the corks on the wall. Some may not want to cover the corks with papers or photos, instead using the board as an art piece. Wine corks are lightweight ensuring the bulletin board will hang nicely in its chosen spot–and leaving no sour grapes!

  • 1

    Collect wine corks. Sort through them, tossing the plastic or torn ones.

  • 2

    Decide where the wine cork bulletin board will hang and cut plywood to size. Quarter-inch plywood works well, but anything thinner won’t hold much. Thicker wood may present problems if your desired hanging location is not on a stud.

  • 3

    Paint plywood before laying down corks (if you have chosen to do so).

  • Place the first cork in the middle of the plywood.

    Start in the middle of the plywood and work out, alternating between up, down and across. Brush down a liberal amount of glue on plywood and place cork on it. Make sure the winery name is showing, if that is what you want.

  • 5


    Making a pattern with the corks is a good idea.

    Place 2 corks sideways, then 2 lengthwise. This pattern is more forgiving and doesn’t require the corks be in a straight line, which given the nature of corks will save you major headaches.

  • 6

    Continue placing corks on glue, paying attention to the pattern. Is all the print facing the same way? Are winery names showing? Is the red wine stain adding to the look of the bulletin board?

  • 7

    Allow glue to dry for 2 to 3 days. Add any other embellishments such as molding for framing or a knickknack.

  • 8

    Hammer hanging hardware to the back of the plywood and the wall. Mark a spot on the wall for hanging, and drive in a nail or appropriate hardware. Hang the bulletin board, and use thumbtacks to attach photos, memos and other related items to the corks.

  • Need Things:At least 50 Wine corks (amount depends on size of bulletin board) , Glue , Plywood , Hanging hardware , Optional decorative touches such as framing and painting