Notice Board: 9A4 Silver

 Lockable, hinged door for security 
 For use outdoors and indoors  
 Durable and stylish aluminium construction 
 Protective, high impact, polycarbonate lens   
 Suitable for portrait or landscape format

Durable and Secure Presentation
MoreBoard Warehouse’s range of notice boards, also known as information boards, tack boards or bulletin boards are a fantastic and functional way to post announcements and messages.

These notice boards are suited to exterior and interior applications and are constructed from durable and stylish aluminium. The beauty of these notice boards is their lockable door for security and black gasket seal providing you with a secure and weather proof way of posting those important messages. No matter what the weather, these notice boards will keep those messages safe and dry, while also protecting against mischievous behaviour and vandalism!

The stylish and refined frame is also fantastic for interior applications, providing a powerful and noticeable presentation format for those important messages. This makes them great performers at university campuses, schools, transport terminals and sporting arenas.

A unique design feature of these display boards is they can be mounted in either landscape or portrait format depending upon your business needs and use a specialised system to prop open the door allowing easy access to the interior. The DY04-9A4 notice board will hold nine A4 pages and provide a secure and economical alternative to more expensive cork boards and they even come with their own set of pushpins and mounting hardware.

You can buy one of these dependable and economical display boards online today at slimline warehouse! And we’re now offering them at fantastically low prices!
 Frame Size ( mm )  1080 x 820 x 50  
 Visible Area ( mm )  940 x 680   
 Weight ( kg )  10
 Finish  Silver