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Type:  Whiteboard Whiteboard Type:  Standard Whiteboard Folded:  No
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: shrink wrap,standard export carton for outer packing Can also done per your request
Delivery Detail: 30–45 days after deposit

magnetic dry erase surface
strong corrugate paper backside
aluminum frame with plastic corner caps

NEW Framed Memo Boards – Handcrafted with designer fabrics

NEW Framed Memo Boards – Size: 26″ x 26″ – Handcrafted with designer fabrics

– Get organized in style with a fresh twist on the everyday memo board – FREE wooden pushpins included!
– Choose from 24 modern fabric styles – Choose your memo board fabric style here
– Memo board fabrics are chosen for their contemporary design and durability and are framed with a handcrafted hardwood frame
– Every memo board includes Beehive Hangers for easy hanging and a free set of 8 wooden pushpins
– Size: 26″ x 26″. Handcrafted in America.
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Cork Boards with handcrafted solid wood frames

Cork Boards – Large Square – Size: 32″ x 32

– with handcrafted solid wood frames
– Choose from 6 cork board sizes – Choose your cork board size – or  for fabric covered bulletin boards
– Choose from 13 unique frame styles.
– See additional images below to view moulding profiles & finishes.
Cork boards & bulletin boards are ideal for posting invitations, children抯 artwork, family schedules or keeping your home office or kitchen organized.
– All cork board & bulletin boards are constructed by hand in America. Every cork board includes a free tin of 25 wooden pushpins (made in the USA of course!).
– All Pulp cork boards use beehive hangers, hang your cork board securely and evenly in seconds!
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Memo Boards

Memo Boards – Size: 18″ x 18″ – Handcrafted with designer fabrics in China –Design by Morewhiteboard

– Get organized in style with a fresh twist on the everyday memo board – FREE wooden pushpins included!
– Choose from our selection of modern fabric styles – Choose your memo board fabric style here
Memo board fabrics are chosen for their contemporary design and durability and are gallery wrapped around a solid wood frame and bulletin board backing
– Every memo board includes Beehive Hangers for easy hanging and a free set of 8 wooden pushpins
– Size: 18″ x 18″. Handcrafted in China.
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Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for College Students

College is a unique time in a young adult’s life. For many, it’s their first really independent living experience. Colleges hire resident assistants (RAs) to create a safe residence hall experience for college students. Many residence halls have bulletin boards, and RAs must decorate these boards in a way that is fun and gives information to the students

Campus Revealed

  • Before putting the bulletin board together, wander around campus and photograph important campus landmarks such as dining halls, the library, theater and workout areas. Choose the best pictures and print them out. Place a campus map in the center of the bulletin board. Surround the map with the pictures of campus. Staple a string from the point on the map to the picture.

Getting to Know You

  • College often brings together young adults from all over the country, sometimes even from all over the world. As the students move into their residence hall rooms, snap pictures of their faces. Print the pictures and mount them on cardboard or foam board. Cut them out so that just the student’s head and shoulders show. Hot-glue a flat-head tack to the back of each picture. Place a national or world map on the bulletin board. Stick the student tacks all around the map. Mount a heading at the top of the map asking students where they graduated from high school. You can use the map for several weeks by asking where students were born, where they would most like to visit or where they hope to get their first job.

Fact Versus Myth

  • College carries its own risks. Bulletin boards can be a useful tool to teach students and help them make safe decisions. Present drug and alcohol facts and myths. Print off small slips with all of the statements. Encourage students to write “true” or “false” next to each of the statements. Offer a prize for the student who gives the most correct answers.

The Freshman Fifteen

  • College means pizza, beer and soda at all hours of the day and night. Junk food is available everywhere, from vending machines in the residence hall to desserts in the dining hall. Area fast food restaurants often contract with colleges to provide fast food for students. All of this can set up some harmful eating patterns and contribute to the weight gain new students often experience. A fun way to educate students about the dangers of junk food is to create a bulletin board. Show how far the average student has to walk to burn the calories in a piece of pizza, an order of french fries or a candy bar.

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Cork Board Easel with Chalk Board and Dry Erase Board

This product is engineered with education in mind and is ideal for any classroom. It is two sided, one side is a chalk board, the other is a dry erase markerboard. Both writing surfaces are magnetic. The writing surfaces are each 34.25″ wide x 23.25: high and incorporates a magnetic backed oak tray. This tray can be secured onto choice of surface and accommodates your markers, chalk and other writing instruments. This magnetic cork board folds up flat to effect carrying and holding a breeze. Total product dimensions are 24.5″ wide x 45″ high x 27″ deep, this unit weighs 49 lbs.

All cork board models are made for sharing your unique messages. This cork board is a magnetic easel with two sides for use. One side is a chalk board and the other side is dry erase board. Supplying important notices in a company or school with this-these framed cork board helps keep employees, students, or customers informed. They are an easy to use way to advertise schedules, flyers, and menus in the community. Cork Board Easel with Chalk Board and Dry Erase Board models come in a wide array of fashions and dimensions. has bulletin boards, dry erase boards, notice boards, white boards, and accessories for any occasion or environment!

This-these wall cork board is-are great for indoor and outdoor displays. This Cork Board is a Double Sided Magnetic Easel with a Chalk Board and a Dry Erase Board Side! Reasonably priced, these notice boards get your message the notice it deserves. Ideal for updating students, employees, customers, or tenants, this-these framed cork board is-are an efficient way to communicate. These Cork Boards Accessories Feature Easels for Teaching and are the best bulletin boards models to disseminate information. Great at alerting the public to changes or instructing employees through protocol, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, notice boards, white boards make it easy to say what you need to.

Cork Board 30″x40″

Cork Board 30″x40″ with Self Healing Surface and Hanging Brackets

  • Think aluminum frame for durability
  • Self healing for years of use
  • Large area to post messages and memos

This cork board, like bulletin boards and tack boards, is extremely viable. The large 40″w x 30″h post area permits room for everyone’s message to be read and seen. This cork board, called cork boards or tack boards, have hanging brackets that enable the board to be effortlessly mounted. The cork board furnishes a light-weight preference to an daily good. The cork board, cork board is extremely resilient with its self healing surface. Use whenever needed to maintain everyone up to date and well knowledgeable.

This multi-purpose cork board, 40″ x30″ cork board is helpful and effectual. The cork board can showcase all good. that are pertinent to your business. This cork board, likewise recognized as a cork board, is utilized in universities, firms, and financial establishments. This cork board has daily use in mind. People primarily hang this cork board in cafeterias, hallways, and break rooms. The aluminum tack board is fantastic to use as a public information center.

total: 40″ w x 30″ h
Weight: 9 lbs.

Cork Boards Oak Framed

Cork Boards 36″x48″ Oak Framed with Hanging Brackets for Wall Mounting

  • Classic Oak Frame
  • Practical Posting Surface
  • Great Value!

The cork boards are produced from a fine ground cork mixture, which leaves a smooth and rugged surface. The oak frame, cork boards have hanging brackets and can be mounted close to anyplace desired. These cork boards are flexible and can be utilized to post a selection of things. These cork boards, for example our bulletin boards, is part of our economically priced line of classic message centers. Mount these cork boards to positively communicate with your community.

These cork boards are an perfect method to gain awareness from the people in your community. With such a large location for posting, these cork boards are perfect for settings for example schools, firms and anyplace else that would need recurrent informative postings. The cork boards, likewise recognized as message boards, have a classic wooden oak frame which is nice for any common location or break room decor.

total: 48″w x 36″h
observable Location: 46-2/8″w x 34″h
Weight: 12 lbs.


Pivoting Whiteboard

Pivoting Whiteboard Description
· Pivoting board is framed in a standard 45mm, T-slot, high strength aluminum alloy
· Roll-around frame system can include virtually any combination of these boards:
Magnetic Whiteboards – plain white surface
Custom Whiteboards – lined, gridded or custom designed with color graphics
Bulletin Boards – high quality, resilient cork
· Standard overall height with frame and casters is approximately 76″ for all 4′ sizes and
70″ for 3’x6′ size
Pivoting Whiteboard Options
· Bulletin board or bulletin board/whiteboard combination on one side
· Custom frame heights and widths are available
· Lining tape, eraser, chalktray, letter/number sets, markers – Whiteboard Supplies
· Magnetic letters, symbols, card holders, clips – Other Magnetic Accessories
· Boards are also available in floor mount styles – Standing Display Centers

Heavy-Duty Pivoting Whiteboards

Industrial strength, reversible, rolling whiteboard

Highly durable, pivoting whiteboard in a tough, “industrial strength” frame
· The two-sided whiteboard has a long lasting, magnetic, dry-erase surface that easily
flips from front to back with the release of the holding pin
· Our attractive rolling units have durable “T-slot” framing constructed from a
heavy-duty, high strength aluminum alloy
· Each unit rolls on 4 casters for easy moving and has a convenient compact tray to
hold your whiteboard accessories
Free standing, moveable unit can be located right in the needed work area
· These sturdy units are popular in work cells, meeting areas, training rooms,
production areas, classrooms and other high frequency use locations
· Effectively communicate job performance information, schedules, metrics tracking,
graphs, charts, project notes, training instructions, and more
Custom Designed Whiteboards, Too!
· Our heavy duty frame construction also allows you to create a unit with one or two
full color, custom designed board surfaces
· Bulletin boards and bulletin board / whiteboard combinations can also be configured
into this versatile unit
Prices below includes a Supply Kit of popular whiteboard accessories
· 4 Dry-Erase Markers – red, blue, green, black
· Accessory Tray
· Whiteboard Cleaner
· Magnetic Eraser