Make a Padded Cork Bulletin Board

Instead of hanging a plain cork bulletin board on the wall, add fabric and batting to make a padded bulletin board appropriate for use in the home or office. Choose from a variety of fabric types, and add decorative accessories for a personal touch.

1 Measure the cork bulletin board, and cut out the desired fabric three inches larger than the board itself. Set the fabric aside.

2 Cut out the fabric batting two inches larger than the cork board. Set it aside.

3 Place the batting on the counter, and center the cork board, right-side down on top of the batting. Fold one edge of the batting over the board. Secure the batting to the board with the staple gun. Next staple the opposite side, and work your way around the board.

4 Place the fabric on the counter, right-side down, and center the batting-covered board on top of the fabric.

5 Tightly pull the fabric up and over the board and secure it with the staple gun. Repeat with each side, tightly pulling the fabric before stapling it down.

6 Check your work and trim off excess fabric once you have finished stapling.

In and Out Combination Board

In and Out Combination Kits

Whiteboard plus bulletin board to display personnel status

Clearly show who is available and any messages
· Simply move the magnetic circles to the appropriate “status” column
· Add messages and notices to the cork bulletin board as needed
· Use in receptionist areas, personnel departments, and by department managers
· Write notes anywhere on the dry erase surface
· Write names on magnets with Dry-Erase Markers
· Custom designs (logos, charts, color graphics, etc.) are also available
· No surface blemishes that are commonly seen on inferior whiteboards
· Our Polymer Fusion™ Process creates a long lasting, custom magnetic surface
· Keeps its “like new” appearance throughout years of daily use
Price below includes a complete Supply Kit of whiteboard accessories
· Write-on/Wipe-off Magnets for names – 1″x9″ white
· Magnetic Circles – 3/4″ black
· Adhesive Letter Sets – 1/4″, 1/2″
· Dry-Erase Markers – 2
· Chalktray
· Magnetic Eraser
· Hanging Hardware

Enclosed Panel Cabinet Boards

Enclosed Panel Cabinet Boards
Protect your information display from tampering
· Display your messages in full view
· Secure the contents behind locking doors
· The doors are constructed of acrylic plastic for clear viewing and safety
· Ideal to display in high traffic places – lobbies, foyers, meeting rooms, visitor areas
Sturdy cabinet unit
· Cabinet constructed with an aluminum frame
· Choice of panels: cork bulletin board (top picture), whiteboard (below) or combination
· Natural cork bulletin board and/or porcelain, magnetic whiteboard
· Concealed hangers and hanging hardware included
You may also have us build another one of our board units into this cabinet. We will quote
a special design price and then construct the custom unit for you.

Cork Bulletin Board

High quality cork bulletin boards in many sizes

3’H x 5’W with aluminum frame
Constructed with natural cork of the finest quality
· The cork is laminated to a sturdy back panel
· The quality cork will retain its resiliency almost indefinitely to provide you with a reliable
message center
· Framed in your choice of satin finish aluminum or natural oak trim
· Ideal for business communication – company notices, safety information, employee
announcements, meetings, assignments, schedules, and more
Custom sizes are also available

Cork Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame

Cork Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame

Designed to last with fine grain, high quality, resilient cork that withstands repeated tacking. Cork is laminated to durable sealed fiberboard. Includes mounting hardware.

 Product Specifications
ASSEMBLY Assembled

Make Your Own Amoeba-shaped Cork Board Photo Frame

There was a fair lass from New York.who made a big board out of cork.She pushed in some pins and then for the win, she filled it with pictures of Bjork.

Ye olde cork bulletin board: rectangular, drab, so very office-y. And yet, so very useful! So handy for keeping notes and tidbits of info! What to do, what to do?

Make a blobbity multi-layered extra-functional-yet-stylish amoeba board, that’s what! With frames that you can slide photos in and out of whenever the heck you want. Yessir.

Looks good, works well, no trapped-in-a-cubicle vibe — it’s a winner.

Before doing anything else, unroll the cork and lay it flat. Weigh it down by putting heavy books on top, or roll it up in the opposite direction and secure with a rubber band. Let the cork rest for a bit while it releases its curl and flattens out. Continue reading

How to Make a Wine Cork Board

Perfect for a kitchen or entertainment area, a wine cork board adds a decorative touch to organizing papers and making more room on countertops. The project also allows the connoisseur to show off a sophisticated taste in wine by displaying the corks on the wall. Some may not want to cover the corks with papers or photos, instead using the board as an art piece. Wine corks are lightweight ensuring the bulletin board will hang nicely in its chosen spot–and leaving no sour grapes!

  • 1

    Collect wine corks. Sort through them, tossing the plastic or torn ones.

  • 2

    Decide where the wine cork bulletin board will hang and cut plywood to size. Quarter-inch plywood works well, but anything thinner won’t hold much. Thicker wood may present problems if your desired hanging location is not on a stud.

  • 3

    Paint plywood before laying down corks (if you have chosen to do so).

  • Place the first cork in the middle of the plywood.

    Start in the middle of the plywood and work out, alternating between up, down and across. Brush down a liberal amount of glue on plywood and place cork on it. Make sure the winery name is showing, if that is what you want.

  • 5


    Making a pattern with the corks is a good idea.

    Place 2 corks sideways, then 2 lengthwise. This pattern is more forgiving and doesn’t require the corks be in a straight line, which given the nature of corks will save you major headaches.

  • 6

    Continue placing corks on glue, paying attention to the pattern. Is all the print facing the same way? Are winery names showing? Is the red wine stain adding to the look of the bulletin board?

  • 7

    Allow glue to dry for 2 to 3 days. Add any other embellishments such as molding for framing or a knickknack.

  • 8

    Hammer hanging hardware to the back of the plywood and the wall. Mark a spot on the wall for hanging, and drive in a nail or appropriate hardware. Hang the bulletin board, and use thumbtacks to attach photos, memos and other related items to the corks.

  • Need Things:At least 50 Wine corks (amount depends on size of bulletin board) , Glue , Plywood , Hanging hardware , Optional decorative touches such as framing and painting