Cork Boards with Aluminum Frame and Brackets for Easy Wall Mounting

  • Economical corkboards are low cost as well as high quality
  • Very large posting space for displaying multiple messages along with notices
  • Self healing cork surface lasts for years

These corkboards feature a professional appearance, with their aluminum frame. The fine ground cork surface will hold tacks or push pins pressed into it. Corkboards, like message boards, or tack boards are ideal for placement anywhere there is heavy passer by traffic. We supply these corkboards with hanging brackets in favor of simple and quick wall mounting. The communication centers, corkboards are economical bringing you high quality items at a reasonable price.

These corkboards are ideal to post messages and notices in common areas. Mount these corkboards in classrooms to display student projects or in a church to list special events. These corkboards, such as bulletin boards or tack boards, work in universities to post class listings or hospitals in the interest of directions around the building. The corkboards can also be used by government agencies.

Overall: 96″w x 48″h
Weight: 39 lbs.


How to Design a Corkboard

Corkboards make great message centers in an office or kitchen. They can hold notes from teachers, your child’s soccer schedule and recent artwork. Cork tiles are a great and very flexible way to add a message center to your home with no restriction on size. You can fit your corkboard into the space you have available with very little cost. You can also add a lot of creativity to the project by adding paint and a frame to customize your corkboard.

  • 1

    Determine what size corkboard you would like to hang. Measure the wall. Cork tiles come in 12-inch by 12-inch squares or 24-inch by 24-inch rectangles. You can cut tiles to size if you have a specific measurement in mind.

  • 2

    Prime the cork tiles with spray primer. Apply the primer outside to avoid ruining furniture or floors. Use a back and forth motion to completely cover the tiles with primer. Allow the primer to dry.

  • 3

    Paint the tiles using acrylic paint and a foam roller. Roll on two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second. Allow the paint to dry.

  • 4

    Hang the cork wall tiles using double-sided foam adhesive.

  • 5

    Hang a frame around the perimeter of the tiles. Most craft stores carry frame kits in varying sizes so that you can customize it to the size of your corkboard. You can also have a frame made to your specifications at any framing store. Because the corkboard will be subject to constant handling, use finish nails to tack the frame into the wall so that it will be sturdy.

  • How to Make a Pretty Corkboard

    Office equipment and materials are necessary and useful, but they also can be boring. Corkboards do not have to be plain tan cork wrapped in smooth, thin frames. You can create your own corkboard in any color shceme you want. Dress your dorm room or office in your favorite colors by creating a useful piece that is as decorative as it is helpful. Paint a corkboard and place it in a pretty frame for a truly personal office space.

  • 1  Remove the backing and glass from your photo frame.
  • 2   Cover your workspace (preferably outdoors) with newspaper and lay your photo frame right-side up on the paper. Spray paint the frame with your choice of color. Consider the design of the room you are using it in when choosing your color. Allow the paint to dry.
  • 3   Measure the photo frame backing with your ruler and cut the cardboard and cork sheeting to the same size with a utility knife.
  • 4  Spray the cardboard with spray adhesive and smooth the cork sheeting onto the cardboard so that the edges match exactly. Allow the adhesive to dry.
  • 5   Apply a layer of latex paint in any color you like onto the cork sheeting with a sponge brush. Smooth the layer on so there ae no streaks or paint drips. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat the same way if the coverage is thin and you can see the cork color through the paint.
  • 6   Place the corkboard into the photo frame so that the cork is in place of the glass and replace the backing onto the frame. Dispose of the glass or store it somewhere safe for another project.
  • How to Make a Cloth Covered Corkboard

    Corkboards are a great place to post messages or reminders to yourself and your family. They can also serve as a holding place for pictures, tickets and important notes. Although corkboards are practical, the corrugated brown material they’re made from can be unsightly. Covering it with cloth will usually do the trick. Making a cloth covered corkboard is one of the easiest projects you can complete in an afternoon. It adds a personal touch and can bring great decor to any room or home office space.

  • 1  Choose a thick fabric. The thicker the fabric, the better it will cover up the corkboard’s texture.
  • 2  Figure out what size corkboard you want. Rolls of corkboard are usually about 2 feet wide, but if you want a corkboard that’s wider, mount the strips you cut out onto a piece of cardboard. For example, if you want a 4-foot-by-4-foot corkboard, roll out two 2-feet wide corkboard pieces and mount them onto the piece of cardboard.
  • 3  Roll out and iron the corkboard. This makes it flat and easier to work with.
  • 4  Using the Exacto knife and ruler, measure and cut the size and shape corkboard you want.
  • 5  Attach a hook to the upper back side of the corkboard. This will allow you to hang it up. You can also tack string or ribbon to the corners of the corkboard and hang it that way.
  • 6  Measure the piece of corkboard and cut out a piece of fabric that size, leaving an extra 2 inches on each side.
  • 7  Fold those extra 2 inches over the edge of the corkboard.
  • 8  Smooth out any air bubbles in the fabric, and glue down the edges.