Electronic fluorescent LED flashing Boards

Electronic fluorescent LED flashing Boards

Features of the LED flashing Boards:

  • Reusable and durable
  • Easy to erase – just use a soft cloth or tissue to erase
  • Super thin and light weight making it convenient for installation and transporting
  • High hardness, Abrasion resistant acrylic board
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to display

Electronic fluorescent handwrting board, facing the domestic and international customer’s

great demand of wholesale and seeking for the powerful companies.Our products are make

of high class special frame and optics acrylic.Writing on the board with fluorescent colored pen

directly. The gorgeous neon lamp picture will be appeared on the borad.In addtion,our products

are energy conservation ,environment friendly.

 LED flashing Boards Application

Fluorescent LED Writing Board

Fluorescent LED Writing Board can work in nights and days, especially Dazzling in dark environment.It is most often used in restaurants, shopping mall, coffee shops, bars, or night clubs and any public places, they are ideal for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions,it could attract consumers easily and achieve the goal of promotion.

You could write any characters and design graphs with a fluorescent marker pen optionally.

Write on and wipe off easily .when the power supply is on, the content on the board will  reflect gorgeous colors like different chromatic neon lamps,

The fluorescent board adopts safe 12V DC voltage, power plug is available for any country  like EU plug, AU plug, UK plug,etc.


Product name

MOREBOARD series LED Writing Board

Frame Material

Aliminium alloy

Frame color


Writing area

Ultra clear glass or Japan scratch resistant Acrylic board

Lighting source

Ultra-bright RGB color LED light strip

Input power

AC100~240V 0.8A

Working Temperature


Output power

DC 5V  2A

Life span

80k~10k hours


36 kinds of flashing modes

LED Position

Built in the two long sides of frame

Available sizes:40*60cm, 50*70cm, 60*80cm, 60*90cm

Installation: Hang on the wall/windows or place on the tripod

Add scratch resistant and anti-cut rubber protector to the four angles of the board

One button to control the flashing mode intelligently

With CE and RoHs certificates, lower power consumption, erasable and Eco-friendly

One sides for writing and diaplay

Fluorescent Marker Pen especial for led writing board

Fluorescent  Marker Pen especial for led writing board
Water-based, dry-wipe prescription,easy to wipe off with wiper, tissue paper.
 High Brightness neon color, Best for indication on mirror, plastic board, Light board, or glass under black light (ultra-violet) or fluorescent lamp etc
Water-base without toxic, No harmful to skin,
Available in 8 vibrant colours of :

Blue, Yellow, Green. Purple, Red, White, Pink, Orange

Product  details

Penholder Diameter  20mm

Nib Diameter 10mm

Nib shape: Parallel point

Penholder Length 138mm

Ink 15g

Weight of one set  0.30kg

   Tips about using marker pen