Melamine Graphic Whiteboard with Aluminum Trim & Rectangular Coordinates

Frame: Aluminum
Framed?: Framed
Height: 39
Surface 1: Melamine
Surface 1 Color: White
Weight: 20.00
Width: 39
Manufacturer: Best-Rite
Price: 189.00
Availability: Usually Ships in 5-10 Business Days
Trim Color: Aluminum
Product Line: Graphic Whiteboards
Customize your English, math, music, or geography classroom with one of our versatile graphic boards. Featuring useful graphics permanently fused to the markerboard surface to ensure superior durability, the boards include a full-length tackable map rail and a full-length accessory tray with rubber ¬†end caps (melamine surface excluded). The music line board features five sets of 1″ staff lines to make teaching music and musical notation easier. The coordinate line board features 1″ intersecting lines for easier mapping of coordinates.
The penmanship line board features seven rows of solid and dashed lines to assist with proper upper and lower case letter drawing.
The grid line board is a multi-purpose board ideal for math or science classes.
The map board is available with either a US or world map, making it ideal for geography or social studies classrooms.
The horizontal line board features lines 2″ apart to enable straight writing. Mounting hardware is included with each board.