Reversible Board Porcelain Markerboard Both Sides

Reversible Boards are really convenient! When your markerboard or chalkboard is full, there’s no need to erase your work in order to write some more. Flip the reversible board over and start with a fresh slate!Try the magnetic porcelain enamel models, which are of such superior quality that they’re under a 50 year warranty!

Aluminum Frame Reversible Board Porcelain Markerboard

Manufacturer:More Boards

Over the decades, Aarco Products has distinguished itself by providing quality communication boards that have become the standard in the industry.   More Boards offers markerboards, corkboards and directories that are top quality and made to last.

Width:72 in.

Height:48 in.

Weight:160 lbs.

Frame Material:Aluminum Frame

Warranty:50 years; Frame 15 years