Fabric Covered Memo Board

You may already have a cork board that can be repurposed for this project, and because bulletin boards come in various sizes and shapes, materials and instructions do not recommend specific quantities. Instead, instructions are given so that you may calculate materials needed to complete this project.

You’ll Need:

  • Fabric: To determine how much fabric you’ll need, measure the cork portion only of the bulletin board and add 4″ inches to the height and 4″ to the width. Cut fabric to size.
  • Ribbon: To determine how much ribbon you’ll need, multiply the width x height of the bulletin board in inches. Determine yardage by dividing that number by 36″. (If it seems like a lot of ribbon- it is. The small board done in the photo took 5 yards of ribbon.)
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Spray Adhesive

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Newsprint
  • Painters or masking tape
  • Office stapler/staples
  • Straight pins
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or chalk


  1. Protect working surface with newsprint. Mask off bulletin board frame with painters tape. Spray a generous coat of spray adhesive onto cork board.
  2. Center fabric on cork board and smooth fabric into place working from the center out to the edges of the frame. Pull fabric taught and press in place. Turn fabric edges under approx. 2″ on all sides; press and pin in place.
  3. With office stapler unfolded, staple edges of fabric approx. 1/8″ from inside edge of frame. Continue stapling till fabric is secure; remove pins.
  4. To determine placement for ribbon, divide the board into fourths or thirds; mark each point at edge of fabric with chalk or pencil. Begin stapling ribbon at top center of board; pull ribbon taught diagonally to the next mark (either left or right) and staple in place. Cut ribbon close to staple. Continue stapling ribbons crisscrossing them until board is completely finished.
  5. Cover all staples by outlining inside edges of frame with ribbon. Secure ribbon by placing upholstery tacks where ribbons intersect. Continue placing tacks at each intersection. Remove masking tape from frame.

How to Make a Cloth Covered Corkboard

Corkboards are a great place to post messages or reminders to yourself and your family. They can also serve as a holding place for pictures, tickets and important notes. Although corkboards are practical, the corrugated brown material they’re made from can be unsightly. Covering it with cloth will usually do the trick. Making a cloth covered corkboard is one of the easiest projects you can complete in an afternoon. It adds a personal touch and can bring great decor to any room or home office space.

  • 1  Choose a thick fabric. The thicker the fabric, the better it will cover up the corkboard’s texture.
  • 2  Figure out what size corkboard you want. Rolls of corkboard are usually about 2 feet wide, but if you want a corkboard that’s wider, mount the strips you cut out onto a piece of cardboard. For example, if you want a 4-foot-by-4-foot corkboard, roll out two 2-feet wide corkboard pieces and mount them onto the piece of cardboard.
  • 3  Roll out and iron the corkboard. This makes it flat and easier to work with.
  • 4  Using the Exacto knife and ruler, measure and cut the size and shape corkboard you want.
  • 5  Attach a hook to the upper back side of the corkboard. This will allow you to hang it up. You can also tack string or ribbon to the corners of the corkboard and hang it that way.
  • 6  Measure the piece of corkboard and cut out a piece of fabric that size, leaving an extra 2 inches on each side.
  • 7  Fold those extra 2 inches over the edge of the corkboard.
  • 8  Smooth out any air bubbles in the fabric, and glue down the edges.
  • How to Decorate a Cork Board

    Unsightly cork board can easily be renovated to become a decorative background for a memos and pictures. This hassle free do-it-yourself project is one that can be completed in an afternoon and is a great project to do with kids.
    Since cork board come in all shapes and sizes, the instructions for this project is specifically for how to decorate the cork board. You will have to measure the dimensions to get the right amount of fabric and ribbon.

  • 1

    Protect area. Lay out newspaper to protect the work surface prior to spraying the adhesive.

  • 2

    Measure fabric. When measuring the fabric to fit the cork board, allow a 2-inch overlap in order to staple edges to the back side.

  • 3

    Spray adhesive. Spray a generous coating of adhesive onto the cork board. Center the fabric and begin smoothing into place starting in the middle and work your way to the outer edges. Pull fabric taught.

  • 4

    Staple. Turn the cork board to the back side and staple the edges to the back.

  • 5

    Add ribbon. Pre-determine the placement of the ribbon by setting them into a criss-cross pattern. Secure by using straight pins, allow an extra 2 inches to overlap on the back side. Turn over, then staple the ribbon to the back.

  • 6

    Place embellishments. Place upholstery tacks where the ribbons intersect.

  • Corkboard Decorating Ideas

    Decorate a bland corkboard with style.

  • Corkboards are very versatile. They are used everywhere from school lockers to dorm rooms, in children’s bedrooms and even in upscale offices. Plain corkboard, however, is rather boring in appearance. You can cover the cork when you pin up the items onto the board, but go a step further if you really want your corkboard to have presence. Dress up your corkboard by decorating it before you use it.


  • Fabric is a quick and easy way to dress up any corkboard. It comes in a wide variety of patterns, including seasonal looks. Fabric allows you to change your corkboard to match the decor of the room or to celebrate a holiday. Simply cut the fabric to match the size of the cork, then staple it to the board. Stretch it so that it is fairly tight before you staple it. Otherwise, it may bunch up and create wrinkles.

    Contact paper

  • Contact paper is paper that has an adhesive on one side. Like fabric, it comes in a wide array of patterns and colors. Unlike fabric, however, the adhesive means that you will not be able to remove it if you tire of the design. You can, however, put a new layer of contact paper over the old layer, until the layers get too thick for the push pins to penetrate them. Contact paper is very easy to use. Simply cut the paper to match the measurements of the corkboard. Remove the adhesive backing, and press the paper over the cork. Smooth it out to remove any air bubbles.


  • Spray painting corkboard is perhaps the easiest way of all to decorate it. Protect the ground with newspaper, then use a can of spray paint to cover the entire board. This is best done outside. Cover the frame with paper and tape if you don’t want the frame to be painted. Paint it one solid color, or go crazy with lots of different colors for a bright, modern look. Alternately, make it classy by painting a monogram in the center using stencils.


  • Using ribbon to decorate your corkboard can be combined with any of the above decorating techniques. Stretch ribbon across the board in a zig-zag pattern, securing it with a staple each time it reaches the border. In this way, instead of pinning items to the board, you can slip the items under the ribbon. This sweet look is especially attractive in a young girl or baby’s room.