The corkboard for designers

Where did the idea for Corkdump come from?
The idea came to me, like most ideas do, right out the blue while I was browsing a popular web design/developer resource website. This particular site, and many others like it, is set up as a huge list of links that are divided up into categories and then thrown together on one giant page. I thought there had to be a more organized and easier way of compiling this information.

So the idea was to put together a resource site that would allow users to pick favourites, sort them in different ways, and save those settings to make it easy to find what they’re looking for when they return to the site. Like a web 2.0 for web developers and designers.

What steps did you take to get the idea to development?
I was able to design the site in a few hours because it was such a simple idea ─ basically a corkboard with the resources stapled and push-pinned in place (so to speak). I thought it would be a neat idea since corkboards are always being updated and it’s where you go for current information.
Beyond that, it’s a simple PHP/MySQL site with some JavaScript thrown in for live updating and sorting.

What features are coming in the next 3 months?
I haven’t thought about this yet! There are some obvious things that stick out in my mind, though. I’d like to have RSS feeds for all of the resources which would update users with the most recent ones for each category.
Beyond that, I’d like to have a way for a visitor to grab a JavaScript snippet and display their favourite resources somewhere externally, like a blog. I’m sure other ideas will come to me!

What three pieces of advice would you give to developers?
Usability, usability, usability. Seriously, this is the most important thing. Make it easy as pie to use and then focus on the rest. None of your awesome functionality and interface design will matter if it’s not easy to use.

What is your long-term vision for this site?
I want to see it grow into a resource list in the thousands so it can really do what it was meant to do, which is organize a lot of stuff on one page. I’d like to get some great sponsors to post their business cards. It’d be nice to have a little collection of cards all over the site. No spam, no un-related content, just great sponsors that actually have a reason to be involved with a resource site for designers and developers.